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we shall not disappear

words these are the ones
we spell out
we are competing
harm, your own device
failure to lose
please keep writing
fail, a judgement call
pay no regards
we are leaving
calm, enters the game,
we came close
im not bleeding
we have to spread the news
this happens all the time
the fires not the cause
that burns you
we have to spread the news
this happens all the time
the fires not the cause
taht burns you

"Alpha Beta"

Ardent minds beware
infatuation finds you
First course for the feast we made you
first course to recognize you
alpha beta data theta data etc
let us stay away (we need you)
let us stay calm
let us stay away (we need you)
let us stay far
just bite down we want to feed you
bite hard
just be nice we want to feed you
be calm
just be nice
we wont to feed you
bite hard
first wave obsession greets you
a mild fixation misleads you
alpha beta
hopeful affair
distressed by the grief you savior
infatuation binds you
failure to recognize you
alpha beta theta data
ardent minds beware
just be nice, bit hard
just be nice, bite hard
Alpha beta theta data

MAYa "Alpha Beta" from MAYa Hardinge on Vimeo.

"Alpha Beta" is the second song and video from the ‘a’ ep, Video Animated by Alice Cohen.
i started recording this song in April 2012 after spending two months in Sri Lanka. I started with the beat which is influenced by the sound and rhythm from Bharata Natyam (a classical Indian dance form). The song was finally mastered in June of 2013. I approached my friend, musician and artist to work on a video with me in October and here is the final result.


generous mind, the one i bought

comes back, for i am bored

careless mind, the one i bouht

take me back, for i am bored

available your sentenced too

hungry you dont know

what is right what is far

ignore what is so

generous mind the one i bore

cause i dont mind

cause i am yours (medicate)

jealous mind you are unkind i cant ignore 

casual lovers in traffic drones

shall we lock up here in tear ducts

generous minds the one i bought

shall we hold up here inside and have fun

shall we lock up our doors

shall we lock up all doors

curious mind the one i heard

cause i dont mind casue you cant hurt

Brrrm brrm sneak away 

we hear this everyday

hold on w’ll be fine

should i leave and turn away

the more he speaks the less i know 

the more he speaks the further i go

the moral disease

i dont know if i want too, or should i just be alone right now…..blah blah 

Sebastian Mlynarski shooting a new video for one one of the new songs on the new and final e.p “a”. I started the e.p in April of 2012, but like everything it takes so long to pull all the elements together. The song is called “we shall not disappear”

Photo: Margarita Jimeno

MAYa - EMBRACE COMFORT (original version) from MAYa Hardinge on Vimeo.

MAYa - Embrace Comfort (stringless) “M” E.P 2013

This is the original version of Embrace Comfort , the other version with string arrangements was released with a video in 2011. 

I decided then that it would be nice to use all the extra beautiful footage that Kenneth Zoran Curwood had shot, hand developed and painted for an alternative video to the original version of the song that never had strings. So finally it is here!!!

Four Unit Family

you ignore the holes in the fire as you try to keep warm

plain keeper who fuels your persuasion is bitter and worn

well placed then to have married a coward

before the others were born

breathe in breathe out your fueled by jealousy

so confused by his daughters place in your four unit family

time passes and so does a mother

no note not even a word, a threat around my house

a clasp to secure the guilt within

steamed and pressed under your skin

breathe in, breathe out, you use my heart

MAYa - Four Unit family “M” e.p

The demo for this song was recorded in New York in march 2010, then completed in an analogue studio in Berlin the following September with Mark Bihler who mixed and helped with mastering. The video was filmed in a dance studio in Berlin in May 2011 with artist/musician Delia Gonzalez. Finally completed in June 2012.

Embrace comfort

Embrace comfort you smile upon my solitude

in the evening a guarded understanding

you stand alone in your magnitude

force the back door gaze through my window

emmerse your hands back into the soil

please dont take off your coat

please dont take off your coat

once i thought interests ruled the heart

looking back im still armed

differences will not sustain

kuala in my arms

find, keep, found, peace

comfort in the morning

a.m look through my window

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